• Dear Ridgecrest Families:

    Keith Wynn said, “There are few things that are more beautifully infectious than true kindness. It spreads like a magnificent wildfire.” Here at Ridgecrest, kindness has been spreading like wildfire since we launched the Kindness Campaign at the beginning of February.  Every day during the month of February each child wrote a positive message to another student in his or her class on a colorful paper strip. Students were able to read the strips that were written by other students before they were assembled into a “kindness chain” and hung throughout the halls of Ridgecrest.  Thousands and thousands of kindness links now adorn our school, serving as a constant reminder of the power of kind words.

    On the flip side of things, most people can relate to the power of unkind words. Several of our sixth-grade students, under the direction of one of our Ridgecrest parents, April Lee, produced a video called “The Power of Labels.”  This video was used to launch our Kindness Campaign, showing the powerful affect words, both hurtful and positive, can have on our lives.

    Our district Communications Department heard about our Kindness Campaign and interviewed students reflecting on the power of labels. Students shared testimonials about how the Kindness Campaign has affected them personally.  A special video has been created and shared spotlighting Ridgecrest’s Kindness Campaign.  I invite you to view it, share it, and spread kindness wherever you go!

    The “Power of Labels” video can be viewed here:  It has also been posted to the Puyallup School District website, Facebook Page, and our Ridgecrest website and Facebook page. 

    In service,

    Michelle Fox