Elementary Report Cards
Learn about our Elementary Report Cards
Posted on 12/01/2017

The elementary report card provides parents/guardians with information about the academic performance of your child related to the Washington State Learning Standards. 

The Washington State Learning Standards are a combination of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Math, The Next Generation Science Standards, and the Washington State Standards for Social Studies, Music, Health, and Fitness. 
Our standards-referenced report card does not list every standard taught, but instead contains the most essential skills children should master in math, reading, and writing at each grade level.

Instead of letter grades, students receive marks which reflect how well they have mastered the skills taught. Report card marks show whether a student exceeds, consistently meets, meets some, or does not meet each standard. Report card marks are based on skills taught throughout the school year, so it is common to see blank spots where skills have not been fully taught and/or assessed yet. It is also common to see marks of 2’s as students progress in their learning. Marks of 2 show that a child is working towards mastery. Teachers provide a combination of instruction in the core curriculum, along with individualized and differentiated support, to facilitate each child’s progress towards mastery.

The number scores on the report card cannot and should not be matched to letter grades. The number mark gives a more detailed description of how your child is progressing towards meeting a standard identified for all students at a grade level. The numbers also indicate that the teaching and learning of the standard is ongoing. Students receive separate marks for Citizenship including effort and work habits. These are important life skills, but marked separately from your child's academic skills. The scales for the report card scores for both the academic and citizenship sections are the same.

Under each curriculum section is a two-line comment space where teachers can add a numeric comment which appears on the back page under the narrative section. Teachers may also add comments in the text box on the back page. As the year progresses, you may see a combination of comment types used.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your child’s education. We look forward to our continued partnership in learning.