A Message from Ridgecrest Principal, Dr. Michelle Fox:

    We couldn’t possibly be prouder of our students and staff! We have had a fantastic start to the 2020-21 school year, thanks to all the collective efforts of our teachers, instructional staff, and most importantly, our families! We cannot thank you enough for partnering with us in our remote learning and working through all the technological glitches! Your patience, perseverance and support has been phenomenal! There is no doubt our students will learn and grow this year with all of you by their side!

    As you know, we are preparing for live instruction on-site with a transition to a K-1/Hybrid model. I sent out a survey this morning to get your feedback on health and safety concerns, teaching and learning questions, and class placement/scheduling input. If you have not had a chance to fill this out, please take a few minutes to do so. We will address your questions and concerns in our newsletter next week and use the information to aid us in developing schedules and rosters for the hybrid model.

    Remember, when we transition to the K-1/Hybrid model, we will also transition to our new bell schedule for the year.

    2020-21 Bell Schedule during K-1/Hybrid Model (Tuesday-Friday)

    9:05 Earliest time for student arrival/drop-off

    9:10 Warning bell rings

    9:15 School starts/tardy bell rings

    3:36 School ends/Students released to buses/parent pick-up

    Mondays during K-1/Hybrid Model (remote/distance learning):

    Late arrival for teacher professional learning

    10:15 Morning Meeting via Microsoft Teams

    10:45-3:36 Asynchronous/Self-Directed Learning

    Elementary Reopening: Health and Safety Concerns

    As we approach our reopening day for elementary students, there are many questions parents have on how we are modifying operational practices to keep staff and students as safe as possible. From health check expectations to what lunch and recess will look like, information is rapidly evolving. Here are highlights from the PSD Return to School Playbook on how we are adapting schools, classrooms, large spaces, and transportation while implementing health and safety requirements.

    • Health Screening: Every morning, parents/guardians will be expected to health screen their child before coming to school and submit an electronic attestation form to verify the health of their child.
    • Mask-Wearing Requirements: All students and staff will be required to wear a cloth face mask during the day. Teachers can provide students with mask breaks throughout the day in well-ventilated areas, with students maintaining social distance. Students can take mask breaks during recess. Students will be allowed a plastic face shield, as long as they extend below the chin, to the ears, and have no gap at the forehead. The face shields will also need a drape at the bottom to prevent droplets from getting airborne.
    • Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures: Signage will control traffic patterns and staff will assist students. Our school will have designated entries and foot traffic will be uni-directional. Due to health and safety guidelines, students will only be allowed to enter the building 10 minutes before the warning bell (i.e. start of school).
    • Lunch: Breakfast and lunch will not be served. Curbside meal service will still occur on Mondays from 11:00-12:00 pm for any student age 0-18 at Ridgecrest. Families will pack and send lunches for students daily.Students will eat in supervised classrooms as their own desk.
    • PE and Music: Specialist time will be held in classrooms to limit movement of student groups.
    • Recess: Masks will not be required, but students will need to socially distance in class groups.
    • Classrooms: Students will be seated 6 feet apart during class to ensure social distancing.
    • Buses: No more than two elementary students per seat; siblings can sit together.
    • COVID-19 Exposure: Please see the attached flowchart to find out what to do if your child has been exposed or was in close contact with someone that is COVID-19 positive or suspect to have been exposed:PSD COVID-19 What Now- Exposure and Pos. Exp. Flowchart 9.3.20.pdf

    Remember, as we reopen for Hybrid A/B Model in-person instruction, parents have a choice in how and when their child returns to school.Families have the option to remain infull-time Continuous (Distance) Learningeven when in-person learning resumes.

    Important clarification: Our teachers will only be teaching students assigned to the K-1/Hybrid model at Ridgecrest. They will not be teaching students assigned to CL 2.0. Students opting for Continuous Learning 2.0 (Remote/Distance Learning) will be assigned a different teacher in our district but will engage in the same instructional program/curriculum they experienced here at Ridgecrest.

    A Message from Assistant Principal, Mr. John Huson:

    As we continue with remote learning it is important that students attend their live sessions and engage in the asynchronous activities. Please continue to check in with your child daily and ask if they attended all their live sessions and did their daily classwork. Our teachers will be reaching out periodically with progress reports that are intended to communicate your child’s engagement. Thank you for continued support. Together we will continue to push forward and strive to be the best! Ridgecrest Strong! Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

    Counseling News and Updates from Mrs. Danetta Nelson, M.S.:

    There is so much going on and the Puyallup elementary counselors want to help! Click on the link below to access our weekly Counselor Clip with tips on helping students integrate back into school, videos on wearing masks for younger students (including one from the Wild Kratts), a read-aloud from a local author about helping children manage strong feelings, information on Wildfires, and more. As always, there is also a link for families who may need community resources related to COVID-19.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your family.



    Counselor Clips and Tips #2

    Hello families!

    Go to this Sway

    Health Room News and Updates from School Nurse, Mrs. Lisa Devaney, R.N.:

    A few reminders as we anticipate transitioning to face to face learning

    • All students with a life-threatening medical condition requiring a medication at school and a medical 504 (diabetes, allergy requiring an Epi-Pen, seizure disorder, bleeding disorder, asthma) must have written medical provider order for medication at school on file and the unexpired medication before first day of face to face learning
    • If your student has a new medical diagnosis, please let us know. Phone: 253-435-6760 or Email:
    • We are here to help and answer any questions you may have. Nurse Melanie works Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Nurse Lisa works Tuesday and Thursday

    Office News and Updates from Office Manager, Mrs. Marsha Stewart:

    Quick note regarding attendance:

    Parents, please remember that just like any other school year teachers are required to take attendance. If you know that you will be missing a live session, please make sure to inform your child’s teacher via email. The teacher will need to mark your child absent if you communicate that you will be gone for the whole day. However, if you go back later and watch the recorded sessions or do the lessons the teacher can reverse the absence for you. Please note: while we are distance learning there is not an excused or unexcused absence. It is just reported as an absence and you will get an automated phone call. If you get the call and you have already communicated with your teacher, please disregard it.

    Nikole Milliken, Ridgecrest Elementary, Office Secretary