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Library Expectations
Coming to the library is a joyful event for your child.  An event that lasts for a very short time.  It is imperative your student comes to the library with an eagerness to learn and to listen with respect and wonder.  Respect for the library and for each other is expected with each visit.  The library rules follow the RIDGECREST CREED: ARR!

  • I am Always Safe, Responsible and Respectful (ARR)

When the CREED is not followed in the library, the consequences are as follows:

1.  Verbal Warning w/a reminder of expectation
2.  Think Sheet filled out/No check out that day/Restitution may be included
3.  Phone Call home
4.  Office Referral

All students at Ridgecrest have participated in lessons involving Library Expectations at the start of the new school year.